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Print this web page in its entirety.  It will typically print on two sheets of paper. Then scan the printed barcodes as required to configure a ROV scanner.

A ROV cannot scan barcodes from a display screen, they must be printed on paper.

If you have an economy printer, you may need to click each barcode to print each one, adjusting as needed to print larger and with enough resolution for the ROV to successfully capture the code.

Scan Disable Supplementals to stop the ROV from transmitting the 5-digit codes printed to the right of EAN-13 (book ISBN) barcodes.  Always scan Disable Supplementals after scanning Factory Defaults, and after replacing the ROV batteries.

It's recommended that you do not Disable Beep until after you have used the ROV for a while and practiced enough to get a good "feel" for aiming and successfully capturing barcodes and how the ROV interacts with your lookup device.

Factory Defaults will restore all scanner settings, including setting Beep and Supplementals to Enabled.

The scanner will flash its LED light green when it successfully captures a barcode, but that does not assure its immediate transmittal to the host.

All Bluetooth devices, by nature, fall asleep to conserve battery so they will occasionally need a few seconds to wake up and complete the transmission.  Patience and experience is required -- repeatedly scanning while Bluetooth devices are still waking up will impede or even HALT the reconnection process.

ROV can't scan barcodes from a display screen, they must be printed on paper!

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Disable Supplementals
(Ignores smaller MSRP barcode next to EAN-13 book barcodes.)

Enable Beep

Disable Beep

Factory Defaults
(Reboot ROV scan engine. Also Enables supplemental and beep!)