On August 31, 2012, Amazon transitioned the data feed used by all Third Party Software Developers, including ScoutPal, from Amazon's PAAPI (Product Advertising App Program Interface) to Amazon's MWS (Marketplace Web Services.) As directed by Amazon, the change requires that users of ScoutPal and ALL other Third Party products be signed up for MWS to obtain credentials and provide those credentials to their Third Party service provider(s). More info about MWS:

Please note that you will need one of the following to sign up for MWS: a non-individual Selling on Amazon account, an Amazon WebStore account, a Checkout by Amazon account, or an Amazon Product Ads account; if you are an individual Seller, you will need to be a Pro Merchant to be eligible for MWS.

After you have determined that you are qualified to sign up for MWS, please follow these steps to obtain credentials and provide them to ScoutPal:

  1. Existing users: Go to the home page and log in with your ScoutPal ID and password. Click on Subscription Services, then click Continue to get to your ScoutPal account update page.

    New users: You will be directed to the ScoutPal account registration page during the sign up process.
  2. On the ScoutPal account page, you will see fields under the heading "Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) credentials:"
  3. Follow the instructions to the right of these fields and fill them in with your MWS credentials. Further down on the form, update your contact info as necessary, then look for and click on either the [Update ...] or [Begin ... ] button at the bottom of the form.

Please contact us if you have any questions,


Thank you.
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