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Camera phone "Scanning" with ScoutPal Live:

Camera Scanning

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ROV Scanner:

Scan merchandise bar codes into your computer, or into your Bluetooth PDA

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ROV codes

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"Scanning" with an iPhone Camera
(Click here if you have an Android phone)

It is possible to use your iPhone's camera to "scan" and lookup book and other merchandise bar codes with ScoutPal Live. Keep in mind that any camera-based "scanner" app is not really a true laser bar code scanner. Instead, it literally takes a photograph of the bar code, so the process will be like taking any other sort of snapshot: there must be good lighting, no shadows, and you will need to hold steady and get the subject into focus. It will take some practice to learn how to use the app.  (The are TRUE LASER scanners that will work with recent model iPhones*.)

(Thanks to Craig Stark at BookTHINK for figuring out how to use pic2shop PRO, and testing these steps.)

  1. Review software compatibility with your phone by visiting the web site, then purchase and install pic2shop PRO on your iPhone.  Note that pic2shop software is NOT produced or sold by ScoutPal: please review our Terms Of Service regarding links to other websites.
  2. There are different versions of pic2shop, be sure that you are getting the PRO version: pic2shop PRO. 
  3. Using your phone's Safari browser app, browse to
  4. Enter your ScoutPal ID and password then tap the [Get pic2shop configuration link] button.
  5. You will now be on a page with a single link, titled "Click to Configure pic2shop..."
  6. Tap the link. When asked to confirm configuration, tap "Okay." (disregard any error messages.)
  7. Now turn the phone off, then on again, and tap on the app to start it up.
  8. Take some time to learn how to aim the camera scanner, and you will get ScoutPal results.
  9. To scan a second item, simply click the camera icon at the bottom of the screen.
  10. If a book or item does not have a bar code, you can tap in an ISBN or UPC in the entry box at the top of the screen.  If your ScoutPal format is enabled for Abebooks, you may also enter an LCCN or a title to search Abebooks by title.  However, every book published since 1971 has an ISBN printed on its copyright page, and tapping or scanning in an ISBN or UPC is always the most accurate and fastest method of searching.

Learn more at the pic2shop PRO website.


* After trying "camera scanning", you may wish to consider using a compatible true laser scanner, like the Scanfob; there is simply nothing like a real laser scanner! (Hint: it's easy to Velcro® a Scanfob to the bottom of a phone, making a one-handed and compact scanning tool.)





Another, less desirable option, is to use an app called RedLaser, although between each scan, you must first push the home button, then launch the redlaser app icon in order to scan again.

Click here for RedLaser setup instructions

Learn more at the RedLaser website.


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