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Power Tools

Camera phone "Scanning" with ScoutPal Live:

Camera Scanning

Works with iPhone
Works with Android

ROV Scanner:

Scan merchandise bar codes into your computer, or into your Bluetooth PDA

(Windows Mobile, Palm, Blackberry)

ROV codes

More Bluetooth Scanners...

Getting Started with ScoutPal in 3 Steps

(If you already have a paid subscription and want to get set up with ScoutPalDB: skip these steps and follow instructions at ScoutPalDB Information Page.)

Watch how to sign up: 

Step 1:  Register your Amazon Seller ID with ScoutPal Live, using one of the methods below: A, B, or C, depending on your equipment.  Note that you must Send the ID after entering it on the form.  (Here's a tool that will help you get your Seller ID)

Register to use ScoutPal with:

  1. ... an iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile phone,  Blackberry, or a similar type of smart phone: use the  "Go to URL" function on your cell phone's web browser and go to directly to
  2. ... an ordinary cell phone (flip phone, etc., aka "feature phone"): use the  "Go to URL" function on your cell phone's web browser and go to either: ("waptest" instead of "www")  (Learn More)
    -- or -- (alternate URL)

    Note that the preceding waptest URLs can only be used with a cell phone WAP browser.  If you have a smartphone, use method "A", above.)
  3. ... to be ready for ScoutPalDB installation - or to use ScoutPal Live with a computer, or other full-screen web-browsing device: (iPad, etc.)

    Browse to this page using the device, then Click here to register your Amazon Seller ID

    Register Method-C users: If you chose to create a ScoutPal account when registering your Seller ID, and you finished that process fully, you may skip ahead to Step 3.

Step 2:  Return to the ScoutPal home page using your desktop computer (not your phone) and click on "Subscribe" (or "Free Trial" -- a free trial can only be used with ScoutPal Live.)

  • You will create your own unique ScoutPal login ID and password while signing up.  You'll need to enter your Amazon Seller ID a few times more during the process, but after that you'll use your ScoutPal ID.
  • Please use a correct email address in the subscription form so you can get the instructions on how to use ScoutPal.
  • If you're signing up with a paid subscription:
    After you fill out the ScoutPal registration form, you will choose a subscription billing period and then complete the first subscription payment with PayPal.
    • You won't need to have a PayPal account established first, one will be created for you automatically by PayPal when you pay by credit card.
    • If you do have an existing PayPal account: login to PayPal when you are directed to the payment page.  You'll then be on a page in your PayPal account where you can complete the transaction.  If want to pay with a specific credit card instead of your PayPal balance and/or backup funding source, be sure to click "More Payment Options" before you click on PayPal's "Pay Now" button.
    • It's recommended that you do not use a "PayPal eCheck" because if you do, PayPal will not activate your subscription until the check has cleared.
  • If you're signing up for a free trial: (ScoutPal Live use only)
    After filling out the registration form, click on the "FREE 1 Week Trial" button.  On the next page, click on the "Yes -- Please Activate" button. You can later login to the "ScoutPal Users" area anytime during or after your trial period to convert your trial account to a paid subscription.

Step 3:  You may begin to use ScoutPal after you receive your "Welcome To ScoutPal" email.  ScoutPal Live users should then visit the How To Bookmark page to learn how to:

  • Find the service URL that will work best with your particular model of phone.
  • Setup a bookmark for both the primary and backup servers.
  • Login with your ID/password automatically.

ScoutPal Users

All users must be eligible for Amazon's Marketplace Web Services (MWS) in order to use ScoutPal.
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Subscription Maintenance:

Change or retrieve your ID / Password

Managing your subscription with PayPal

Add-On Subscriptions
(For family or employees)

Are you new to ScoutPal Live? Read the
"Guide for New Users"
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