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How to Bookmark and Login to ScoutPal Live
ScoutPalDB database users: read

  • If you don't know the first thing about operating your phone's web browser, refer to our "Go to URL" info page.
  • IMPORTANT: In all of the login addresses on this page, you will substitute your own unique ScoutPal login ID and password for [myID] and [myPW]. Put a dot (.) or dash (-) between each one, as convenient -- so if your ScoutPal ID is woohoo and your password is abc123: you would type in ?whoohoo.abc123 or ?woohoo-abc123*
  • The ? part is NOT required -- if you leave it off, you will simply enter them each time you begin using ScoutPal. This is fine, and it may be your preference.
  • Don't put any spaces in any of the URLs. Punctuation must be exact. Use all lowercase letters. Typically, you won't need to type in the "http://" prefix; but if you get an error just try again with the "http://" included.

Most Phones will work with one of these two basic URL choices:

  1. Smartphones like the iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile as well as all other full browser devices, including desktop/laptop/tablet computers:
    (Note the "ie" part, instead of "www".  Some iPhone/Safari users will need to use a different browser like Opera, or use instead; see "More Details", below.)
  2. Most ordinary phones (flip, bar), some smartphones:
    (Note "wap" part instead of "www".  This link *will* fail on non-WAP devices, including most computer browsers.  But if it works on your phone, it's usually a good first-choice as it will typically automatically shift a phone's keypad into numeric-entry mode.)

If neither of the preceding basic URL choices (wap. or ie.) will work with your device, scroll down to review the alternative methods listed below. Because there are literally thousands of different kinds of phones and browsers, you should try all the different login/bookmark methods in order to discover the one that works best with your particular phone.

IMPORTANT: ScoutPal has two servers -- and --  and you should bookmark both servers on your phone. All you have to do is use either "scoutpal" (primary) or "metapal" (backup) in the web address; everything else in the URL stays the same.  Internet services will occasionally go down, for various reasons. (ScoutPal does not control the internet or your cellular carrier's wireless services.) So, in order to provide you with 24x7 redundant and uninterrupted service, ScoutPal maintains two separate, distinct, and geographically isolated servers, with each server completely independent of the other, including search history and formats. The primary server has high capacity and bandwidth, and would typically be a first choice; but you can and should use whichever server works best on your phone, wherever you are.

  • For search history and format settings on the Primary server, use your desktop computer to login at (the login is on the right side of the page.)
  • For your search history and format settings on the Backup server, use your desktop computer to login at

More Details, Other Bookmark Options:

You should try all the different login/bookmark options to discover the one that works best with your particular phone. If you don't know the first thing about operating your phone's web browser, please read the "Go to URL" info page.

  1. Auto Login
    The examples below include your ScoutPal ID and password tacked on the ends of the URL's. If you don't or can't or intentionally choose to not include them in the URL, that's ok, you will just need to enter your ID/PW each time you start to use ScoutPal.
    • Using the phone browser's "go to" function (it may be labeled "goto", "goto url", or "enter site") to browse to one of the URL's listed here, then bookmark the login page that comes up.
    • In all of the URL's given below, "myID" and "myPW" simply stand for your ScoutPal login ID and password, so type in your ID and your password when you enter the URL.
    • There are a multiple ways to create a login, depending on how your phone and cellular carrier processes URL (website address) requests; you may have to try more than one of the URL's forms in order to find the one that will work consistently with your particular model of cell phone.
    • If you change your ScoutPal ID and/or password, you will need to edit or recreate the bookmark so that it contains your new ScoutPal ID/password.
  2. Reminder, you should bookmark both Servers -- and
  3. As with your computer browser, you can usually leave off the "http://" part when typing in a URL.
  4. Use all lowercase letters while typing in the url.
  5. There are literally thousands of different cell phone models, all unique, so you may have to experiment with the service sites and URL formats to find one that works the best with your phone and on your phone's network.  The "ie" service site will usually work best with an iPhone, Windows Mobile, Palm Treo and other advanced PDA/Smart phones.
  6. BoostMobile phones that don't have a bookmark function: Use a Text Messaging bookmark.
  7. If you have tried and tried and you just can't figure any of this out (yes, it is complex, but try the wap service and/or ie service first) please call us from a phone other than your cell phone, and we will help you.

Service Sites and Login URL options
(Use the one that works best on your phone. Some may work better for you than others, and some may not work at all on your particular phone.)

Most Ordinary Cell Phones, New Or Old:
-- or --

(Note the "wap" part instead of the usual "www")

Alternative forms of this bookmark are:
-- or --

If you then bookmark this page the login will be set. The next time you are ready to use ScoutPal on your phone, use the phone go-to-bookmark function to go directly to the page, press or select the LOGIN link, and begin entering your first ISBN.

Some phone browsers will not allow you to directly bookmark a URL containing "?" or other such symbols. In that case, bookmark, then use the phone's "edit bookmark" function to change the URL to contain the full login sequence.

The "wap" service site will work with nearly all ordinary cell phones, but if you have a Sanyo or Samsung phone on Sprint, you may need to use an alternate service site as described in this Service Bulletin.

Newer Ordinary Cell Phones With Large Displays:
-- or --

(Note the "wml" part instead of the usual "www".)

Alternative forms of this bookmark are:
-- or --

The wml service site provides on-screen multi-ISBN entry when you have specified 2 or more ISBN entry fields in your ScoutPal format. The wml site is not compatible with older cell phones.

Some Older Phones May Require: (Note the "g" in "wapg")
-- or --
-- or --
-- or --

(Note the "wapg" part instead of "wap")

PDA/Phones, Smartphones, Androids, iPhones, or any computer browser:
(Note the "ie" part instead of the usual "www")
-- or --
-- or --

If your browser gives an error that it doesn't support JavaScript, use:
-- or --

Some older browsers will need to use a slightly different sequence: Begin a login from, then bookmark the next page.


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