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Finding the "Go to URL" Function

On Your Cell Phone

Your cell phone web browser is similar to the web browser that you use everyday on your computer.  It has the capability to follow hyperlinks from a home page, and to go directly to a website address ("URL") that you type in.  You can also bookmark pages, so that you can easily get to them again.  (Bookmarks can also be called Favorites.)  The exact steps to take and buttons to push to do all this will vary by cell phone service provider and by handset make and model.

Find out how to operate your phone's web browser by searching YouTube and/or Google for your carrier name, handset make, and handset model#, and look for a tutorial that covers "Web Browsing", "Wireless Data Services", "Wireless Web Access", or similar.  If you have a smart phone, like an android or an iPhone, there is almost never a problem figuring out how to get on the web, as web browsing is an integral part of the smart phone experience.

Below are a few generalized steps to access the "Go To URL" function, by carrier, as well as links to carrier "help" pages. Because there are literally thousands of different cell phones, these are generic steps.  You may have to experiment to discover how to do it on your phone.

You need to find the "go to" function on your phone (sometimes labeled as "enter site, or similar.) This is not the same as a "Find" or "Search" function.  You want to instruct your phone browser to go directly to a URL.

With nearly all phones, you can leave out the "http://" part of the URL and just enter an address, e.g. ""

Once you have gone to a web page, you can then add it to your bookmarks (or favorites) list.  Again, the exact buttons to push in order to make a bookmark will vary from phone to phone.  On many phones, you press and hold a "menu" key, then look for the choice to mark the page.

Sprint: [Online help]

Typical steps for many old-style WAP (flip / "feature") phones:

  1. Press "MENU", then scroll to "WEB" and select
  2. From the "Vision Home" page on the web, press "MENU"
  3. Scroll to and select "7. Go to URL"

Verizon: [Online help]

Typical steps for many old-style WAP (flip / "feature") phones:

  1. Press "MENU"
  2. Scroll to and select "Web Browser"
  3. Scroll to and select "Search/Bookmarks"
  4. Scroll to and select "Go to ..."

 AT&T "MEdia Net": [Online help]

T-Mobile "t-zones": [Online help]


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