Go to http://www.scoutpal.com/db/download to see the published date and time of the latest ScoutPalDB2 update/setup download. (SPDB2.zip)

Support for ScoutPalDB versions prior to 2.0 is no longer available.

Direct dbb file download for obsolete ScoutPalDB versions is no longer available.

Please use the Easy Download tool and upgrade to the current version of ScoutPalDB ASAP.

Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for using the Download tool, and upgrading to the current version of ScoutPal are on our Video page at http://www.scoutpal.info (scroll down on the video index and watch videos #1 and #9)

If you need further assistance upgrading, call ScoutPal support, we will help you. Use the login on our home page www.scoutpal.com to see our subscriber support phone number.