How To Internet-Connect a Pocket PC PDA Through a Cell Phone

Benefit: A WiFi or Bluetooth Dial Up Networking (DUN) internet connection through a cell phone will allow your PDA' ScoutPalDB program to optionally perform ScoutPal Live lookups.  This page gives general instructions on how to pair a capable (WiFi/Bluetooth) PDA to a cell phone in order to connect the PDA to the internet. Once you've done that, the last section below shows how to add an additional [Fetch] button to the ScoutPalDB [Seek] screen which can optionally initiate a real-time and complete ScoutPal Live lookup -- but only if and when the PDA can fully browse the internet.

Best Option: Connect a WiFi-ready PDA through a hotspot-enabled Smart phone (iPhone/Android)

This is an increasingly popular option.  Visit your phone's app store to find a "hotspot" application that will turn an iPhone/Android into a secure wireless access point.  There are many contending apps that provide this functionality.  For Android, many of them are free with only minor limitations.  A popular and free Android hotspot app is PDAnet+ which comes bundled with FoxFi.  The free PDAnet version works fine for the purposes of ScoutPal Live lookups on your connected PDA.  Some smartphone carriers effectively block these applications, so they won't work for all phones.  Carriers that block WiFi apps typically will do so because they have their own hotspot feature that you must pay for.  If you can't setup or use a WiFi hotspot app, you can try a Bluetooth Dialup connection, as described below.

Second Choice:  PDA to Phone using Bluetooth Dial Up Networking (DUN)


GENERIC Setup steps:

(These steps are only generic guidelines as there are literally thousands of different PDA/cell phone pair combinations.)
On the PDA:
Now put your Bluetooth phone into discovery mode:
On the PDA:


To use the Connection:
You should now be able to use the internet on your PDA!
Test to be sure that the PDA is internet-connected:

After your are sure the PDA can use the internet, set up the ScoutPalDB [Seek] screen with a [Fetch] button for ScoutPal Live lookups: