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    Installation and use of ScoutPalDB requires an active and paid ScoutPal subscription.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Most Dell Axim's, other older PDA's, and most older computer built-in card readers are not compatible with SD cards larger than 2GB! The entire database contains tens of millions of items and is typically published each Monday and Friday morning, but you can install or update at any time. The data is obtained under authorization and as constrained by Amazon's MWS API. As with any form of published isolated temporal database, the data can only have a valid time interval, which is the duration of the multi-day update process.
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Hardware compatibility and requirements

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Get Set Up with ScoutPalDB in Two Steps: A & B:
A) Start a Subscription B) Follow the ScoutPalDB Setup Steps

You will need to be eligible for Amazon's Marketplace Web Services (MWS) in order to use ScoutPal.  Click for more information...

  1. You will need an active and paid ScoutPal subscription.  Please read the Summary and See how it works, before you subscribeClick here if you're new to ScoutPal and need to begin a subscription.

    Read the Compatibility page if you're unsure of your PDA's compatibility; item #7 on the Compatibility page gives you a link to a PDA test procedure that doesn't need a subscription.
  2. Click here to see how to install ScoutPalDB on your compatible equipment.

    During the install process, you'll be directed to unlock the program. Click the padlock shown below:

    Unlock the program


    IMPORTANT: Read the guidelines for identifying and scanning/entering book bar codes and UPC's at

ScoutPalDB install and update utilities:
(Installation and use of ScoutPalDB requires an active and paid ScoutPal subscription.)

Use the Easy Download and Update Tool

Watch our Setup ScoutPalDB video #1a and you'll see how to set up and use this tool.*  If you have a Windows computer and a storage card reader, you should install and use this tool. It will download, extract, and copy the update to your card - all in one step!

* Note: The link above is used to install the updater tool. Once you have it installed, you won't need to re-install it, just use it!  Watch the second half of video #1a if you need to review how its used for subsequent updates.

IMPORTANT:  After updating, regardless of update method, always ensure that your ScoutPalDB can find the database files: tap "Settings" at the bottom of the main lookup screen, tap the Database tab, tap [Find it for me], then [OK]. Always test that you can lookup merchandise with the update before leaving for a book sale. If there are any problems, please contact ScoutPal support.

-- OR --
Manually download the ScoutPalDB zip file . (The page also displays the current DB publication date and time.)

This is a last-resort method for users with pda memory that, for some unusual reason, cannot be accessed for update in a card reader using the Easy Download and Update Tool.

This method is demonstrated in our Setup ScoutPalDB video #1bMac users: please read our FAQ.

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